Sunday, February 20, 2011


  • Zachary T. Paleozogt- a.k.a Zot. He is blond hair, blue-eyed teenage hero from an alternate Earth. He flies via rocket boots and fight villains with boundless optimism and a ten-shooter laser gun.
  • Jenny Weaver- She is a very sensitive girl. She is the point-of-view character.
  • Butch- Jenny's bully brother. Due to an accident, he turns in a talking chimpanzee when in Zot's world.
  • Zot's Uncle Max, who is an inventor, artist and surrogate parent to Zot and is eccentric.
  • Woody- Jenny's "sweet", but "nerdy" boyfriend
  • Peabody- Zot's robot guardian / butler
  • Terry- A lesbian friend of Jenny's
  • Ronnie- An obsessive comic writer
  • Brandy- Ronnie's girlfriend
  • George- A genius who is also lazy
  • Bob- A violent and rude "nerd"
  • Elizabeth- Bob's quiet sister
  • Bellows- He hates that his inventions (which are un-friendly to the environment) aren't used any more.
  • 9-Jack-9- He is assassin that can travel through electric signals
  • Dekko- Max's friend turned insane cyborg
  • The Devoes- A cult that thinks humans should have monkeys. They have a guns that turn people into monkeys.
  • Zybox- A soul-wanting super computer
  • The Blotch- A businessman / gangster with a "warped face" that tries to stay out of jail.

Story Arcs

1-10: Jenny Weaver, a lonely girl, meets Zot, who is trying to stop robots who what to get a special key. The duo, after some chaos, discover that Sirius IV, a theocratic tyrant, is trying to steal the key and go to his world. Only to discover he was planning to use this an excuse for a holy war against Earth. The duo trick Sirius to gloat about his plan... on live television, leading to a revolt against him.
11-27: Zot had to battle a series of villains.
28-36: This story arch focuses on characterization and end with a cliff hanger where the characters are going to Zot's home.
10 1/2 and 14 1/2- Non-cannon back-up stories where stick figure versions of the characters are in absurd and surreal situations.

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