Saturday, March 12, 2011

Flaming Carrot Comics

Titular Character
The titular character is a surrealist parody of superheroes. The Flaming Carrot was once a normal person, but became brain damaged after reading "5,000 comics in a single sitting" to win a bet. He decided to become a superhero (likely because of his mentally instability): the Flaming Carrot. He protects Palookaville (where he lives) and Iron City (which happens to be near by).
His dialogue tends to be disjointed and peppered with non-sequiturs and odd pop culture references. He is often a womanizing, hard-drinking and mentally unstable individual (likely a parody of the "grim and gritty" antiheroes), but somehow still is on the side of the Establishment and once acted like a "clean cut, all American" superhero. He also often reflects on pieces of philosophy, why someone would become a superhero and the side effects of having a speaker transplanted into one's chest (don't ask).
So far, FC has stopped a Communist take over of Iron City, 3 alien invasions, the Man in the Moon, an army of clones of Hilter's boots and Death itself. He also formed a group of blue-collar superheroes called the Mystery Men.
Powers and Abilities
His mask has live flames on the top of it (hence his name) and a secret compartment for odd gadgets (such as a nuclear-powered pogo stick). He has a utility belt full of seemingly useless stuff that still proves lethal in combat. He wears flippers on his feet in case he needs to swim. Unlike most superheroes, he is completely willing to use firearms and has been seen using a semi-automatic pistol.

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