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Marvel Comics

In version of Thor, Odin thought Thor needed to be taught a lesson in humility. So, he transformed him into a medical student named Donald Blake with a lame leg. Donald had no idea he was Thor. However, he found a walking stick and upon striking against a rock, it became his hammer and he became Thor. Thor became a staple superhero in the Marvel Universe.

DC Comics

A more traditional version of Thor appears in The Sandman. He is over-musclar idiot with a hammer able to change size. In "Seasons of Mists", he accompanies Odin to the Dreaming and keep an eye on Loki, while they tried (and failed) to convince Morpheus to give them the key to hell. In the "Kindly Ones", he taking Loki back to Hel, but Loki nearly tricks him into killing him (Hel is much worse then death), but Odin stopped him.

Comico Comics

Here is a wannabe hero that often causes more help than harm. He appears in the Elementals series.

Willy Vandersteen

Willy, a Flemish comic artist, created a caveman called "Tor" (in Dutch the difference in "T" and "Th" is rarely noticed). However, the actual god Thor appears as being very powerful, but bound by responibility.

Valhalla (comics)

Thor (the guy in the picture above with the red hair) appears in a comic called Valhalla, which, despite being base on mythology, makes jokes involving other pieces of fiction and current events. Here is he a powerful, but honest, god. In this, he is married Sif.


  • Weird Comics featured a scienist that gained the powers of Thor from a lightning bolt.
  • Thor appears in Life Eaters.
  • Image Comics have had two villainous versions of Thor.
  • The comic strip BC has caveman named Thor.
  • El Cazador De Aventuras, an Argentinan Comic, featured Thor in it's Ragnarok remake.


The Sandman "Seasons of Mists" and "The Kindly Ones" TPB

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