Thursday, March 3, 2011

Marvel Apes

In a loose parody of Marvel Zombies, Gibbon's (a mutant with a simian appearance) finds his whole life went down the tubes when his wife left him. Due to boredom and depression, he let Fiona Fitzhugh experiment on him. Fiona discovered that he is "connected" to an alternate reality. Unfortunately, she accidentally sucked them both into this reality (later designated as Earth-8101), which was full of simian versions of the Marvel characters (such as Spider-Man's counterpart, Spider Monkey). While there Gibbon helped the Ape-Vengers (counterparts to the Avengers) stop Doc Ooktavius (an orangutan Doc Ock) and was allowed to join their ranks. Meanwhile, Fiona tried to get this reality's version of Reed Richard's (a baboon) help. Gibbon got to known the members of the Ape-Vengers... only to see them brutally kill Doc Ooktavius. While a gorilla Captain America chases him, Gibbon discover that "Captain America" is actually Baron Blood's counterpart (a vampire) and was using the Ape-Vengers as a way to get food. With the help of a group of heroes, Gibbon found the real Captain America frozen in ice. Then, he thawed him out and the duo stopped Blood.
Sequels / Spin Offs
The comic has several sequels such as Marvel Zombies: Evil Evolution, where the Marvel Zombies meet the Marvel Apes, and four one-shots: Amazing Spider-Monkey, Speed Ball Special, Grunt Line and Prime Eight.

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