Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Conglomerate

The team first appeared in Justice League Quarterly # 1. Claire Montgomery, ex-wife of Maxwell Lord, formed the corporate superhero team the Conglomerate to rival the Justice League International (see my "Justice League" post for more info). The first team consisted of the leader Booster Gold (who recently quit the JLI), Gypsy, Reverb, Vapor, Echo, Maxi-Man and Praxis. Despite initial hostile, they became friendly with JLI. However, the team drifted apart. However, the team was suppose to have a competition with the JLI. So, Claire used Norman the Doorman (who has dimension-related powers) to get members new members: Slipstream, Scarab, Elasti-Man, Frostbite, Fiero and Deadeye. They turned out to be villains from the antimatter world of Qward. The Justice League ended up having to stop them. The most recent version was led by Templar, a British superhero. This team consisted of Reverb (now using the alias of Hardline), Nuklon, Jesse Quick and Echo. Their current status is unknown. My source was Wikiepdia and the image is from Comicvine.

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