Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Men

The New Men were an Image Comic team created by Rob Liefield that extreme similarities to the X-Men. The New Men got their powers from the Nu-Gene (X-Gene rip off). The original team consisted of the leader Reign (Cyclops) who had telekinetic (that manifest like Cyclops' eye blasts) and telepathy abilities; Byrd (Angel) who had talons and wings; the teleporting Exit (who had the personality of Iceman); Kodiak (Beast), who could turn into a man-beast; and Dash, who was super fast. John Proctor (a rip off the Chief from the Doom Patrol) mentored them, who turned out he actually was working for the aliens that created the Nu-Gene (called the Keep) and wanted to "harvest" the people with it for the aliens. Later, two "old" members rejoined Narcisse (a vampire) and Dusk. Also, Pilot (Bishop knock-off), who from the future, joined them to stop the Keep, but didn't tell them about the Keep; and so did Bootleg (Jubilee and Mimic), who could copy people's "powers". In Extreme Destroyer, the New Men discover the turth of the Nu-Gene and Proctor. After defeating the Keep and getting a new member Sundance, they disbanded... only to come together later. My sources were Wikipedia pages "New Men (Image Comics)" and "Bootleg (comics.)"

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