Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Major Bummer

Lou being annoyed
Zinnak and Yoof were two alien college student on Earth heroes. To aid their study, they send out Extreme Enhancement Modules (or EEM for short) that when open give the receiver powers. They wanted to give one to a lawyer named Martian Lewis, but, not know that in phone book last names first are printed first, they give to a slacker Lou Martian. He gains super strength and intelligence, but can only use the latter when he concentrate. His powers prove to be a burden: Lauren Isley, her cat, Val Andrist, Gecko and Franic Dutton (all of whom (including the cat) got powers via EEMs) bug him and try to make him the leader of their team (which he doesn't want to do); and his EEM cause him to attract trouble like villains such as Tyrannosauruas Reich and Nunzio. Lou really just wants to sleep, eat and play video games, but finds himself unwilling caught in bizarre and impossible adventures. My sources were Comicvine and Wikipedia.

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