Friday, December 14, 2012

Danny Chase

Danny Chase was a short-lived member of the Marv Wolfman-era Teen Titans comics. He was intended to be a comic foil to other characters (especially  Beast Boy). However, because he criticized the other member despite being useless in battle, he came off as an egoistical and rude brat. As such, he became extremely unpopular with the fans. Despite Marv's attempts to make Danny more appealing, the negative reception was enough to have Danny written out of the series.
Danny was the son of international spies. As such, he was trained in being a spy himself. For unknown reasons, he had telekinesis and photographic memory. He joined the Teen Titans. He briefly became "Phantasm", using a hockey mask, fabrics and robot-voice simulator (that he stole (Our hero!)) to hide his identity. He gave his life to save Azarath (Raven's home world). His and other souls merged into a being called "Phantasm". This being has appeared time to time in various DC Comics since then. Brother Blood briefly brought Danny back as a zombie. In the Blackest Night event, his body was turned into a Black Lantern. However, Dawn Granger destroyed the Black Lantern Danny.
Danny's main power was telekinesis. However, the power is extremely limited. He could levitate himself when sitting Indian-style and throw small  objects, which annoyed people more than hurt them. Despite claiming to be a super-spy, he would panicked during battle thus enforcing idea he was a useless jerk.
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