Monday, December 31, 2012

Gaggy Gagsworthy

Gaggy Gagsworthy (yes, that's his real name) use to be circus tightrope walker. However, he lost that position to the Flying Graysons (Dick Grayson and his parents) and was forced into become a clown, which he really hated. During an act, he attacked one of his fellow clowns. This got the attention of the Joker. Gaggy, who was willing kill people for a laugh, became the Joker's answer to Robin. The duo of the Joker and Gaggy committed various crimes before Batman and Robin sent them to prison. However, the Joker was declared insane and was sent to the Arkham Asylum, thus leaving Gaggy alone in prison. Gaggy was released and went to the Joker's old lair only to discover that the Joker had a new sidekick: Harely Quinn.
Gaggy has a variety of abilities. He is extremely agile and is shown skilled enough  to compete with Dick Grayson. He is also a skilled fighter. He has sonic screaming powerful enough to break mirrors and knock out Catwoman. Gaggy also carries around various gag-based gadgets à la the Joker.

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