Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The OTHER Iron Man

He is the guy in the metal underwear (in case you were wondering).
Yes, there is a character named Iron Man that isn't owned by Marvel Comics. This Iron Man was created 1941 thus making him the first Canadian superhero and predating Tony Stark. Despite the pitcure shown above, the comic was actually one of the few colored (most Canadian comics at the time were black and white).
Iron Man was a member of a race of an amphibious human mutants that lived in the South Seas. However, an earthquake killed all of them save for Iron Man. He lived in a sunken castle (mourning the rest of his race's deaths) until World War II. He was "summoned" by someone named Major and two kids. He decided to fight the Nazis (who he thought were no better than the pirates he hated ... just roll with it).
He has various super powers. As mentioned before, he is amphibious. However, he is also super strong (allowing to punch through steel and jump higher than normal person) and indestructible.
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