Thursday, April 25, 2013

Allied Supermen of America

Alan Moore's run of Supreme was a homage to Superman. The Allied Supermen of America, a superhero team from that book, was a homage of the Justice League and Justice Society.
Kid Supreme was sent back in time to WWII by the League of Infinity (a time travelling Legion of Super Heroes homage) and met the Allied Supermen of America (Justice Society of America). He joined the team. The team broke up in 1949, but came back as the Allies (as a homage to the then-current Justice League) in the 1970s with Fishmen (Green Arrow) and Spacehunter (Martian Manhunter) being new members. Supreme returned to his normal time. Supreme brought back the team to fight Hulver Ramik, who working for Optilux (a villain obsessed with turn people into light). They discovered Optilux was imprisoning the souls of heroes by trapping them in the astral plane. Using special helmets, they entered the astral plane and freed the heroes while trapping Optilux. Later, the team helped Supreme fight Darius Dax (Lex Luthor), who was in a robotic body made of Supremium (a time and space-warping substance). However, he ended up "falling" through time and became the meteor that gave Supreme his superpowers.
  • Black Hand (Green Lantern)- Unrelated to the Green Latern villain of the same name, he wears a light on his chest. This allows him to create shadows puppets that are able to affect tangible objects.
  • Jack O' Lantern (Spectre)- He is a cosmic entity. Like Mighty Man, he uses humans as hosts. He has magical powers including the ability to summon objects (such as over-sized lawmowers). 
  • Mighty Man (Captain Marvel)- He is a cosmic entity that possesses humans (one at a time) and transform his host into a blond man with the generic Superman powers.
  • Fisherman (Green Arrow)- He was not a founding member. He should not be confused with the DC character of the same name.
  • Roy Roman the Mer-Master (Namor and Aquaman)- He can breathe underwater, fly and has super strength.
  • Spacehunter (Martian Manhunter)- He is an alien with flight and telepathy. He has the alter ego of Steve Strong. He was not a founding member.
  • Alley Cat (Black Canary and Catwoman)- She is a fishnet-wearing super heroine that carries a whip.
  • Professor Night (Batman and Dr. Mid-Nite)- He is a nonpowered hero with a female sidekick Twilight. 
  • Storybook Smith (Johnny Thunder)- He has the ability to rewrite reality by writing in his magic storybook.
  • SuperPatriot (Captain America)- He is a patriotic hero that would later become a cyborg.
  • Glory (Wonder Woman)- She is a half Amazon-half demon warrior.
  • Die Hard (Cybrog)- He is the first cyborg made by America.
  • Doc Rocket (Flash / Bulletman)- He is super fast.
  • Waxman (Sandman)- He has a "Wax Gun".
  • Supreme (Superman)- See the post I did on him. 

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