Monday, April 15, 2013

Roh Kar, First Lawman of Mars

Roh Kar is often said to be a predecessor to the Martian Manhunter (although personally I don't really see the connection).
"Roh Kar, First Lawman of Mars" is the sole police office of Mars, which is a peaceful civilization with almost no crime. Using "televisoscopes", Martian learned about Earth. A martian, Quork, went on a crime spree and fled to Earth (since it has a similar atmosphere) with Roh Kar following him. Roh Kar met Batman and Robin. The trio figured out the Earth criminal, the Stranger, is really Quork and decided to team up. They found Quork, who ened up attacked them and kidnapped Robin. Quork managed to escape. Using a combination of Earth knowledge and Martian technobabble, Roh Kar and Batman found Quork. They managed to get Quork to inhale too much oxygen (Mars has less oxygen), which caused him to become temporally knocked out. Ron Kar left Earth saying he would imprison Quork on a prison on one of Mars' moon.
Powers and Weakness
Roh Kar had no powers, but had gadgets to make up for it. He had a compass that tracks people via brainwaves. He uses a jet pack, pistol and a "detectophone" device, "which broadcast sound to a listening device" (according to my source). Since Mars has less oxygen than Earth, Martians can become intoxicated if they deeply inhale the Earth's air.

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