Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Mocker

You may remember Steve Ditko made the objectivist comic Mr. A. Well, he made another objectivist comic: The Mocker. The comic focuses on themes of self-worth, redemption and corruption.
Tyler Rayne was a DA assistant that had an uncompromisable sense of justice. He was the investigating Senator Durn (the father of his girlfriend) due to charges of corruption. However, Tyler was framed for being corrupt (although he wasn't) and was sent to prison. After serving his sentence, mob boss Ziger offered to prove Rayne's innocent if Rayne would help gain information for his operation. Rayne accepts and used his secret powers to get the information from criminals.
Aside from Rayne, there are two other characters. Bram is a hard-boiled cop that has to deal with the facts his heroes are flawed and he made mistakes in his past. Ziger, who is perfectly okay with being evil, has trouble understanding how Rayne is confident and powerful despite not having a powerful position.
Rayne has the ability to dim lights around and become invisible in the shadows created from doing the former thus "mocking their eyes" (hence the title). If he psychically touch someone, he can spread "darkness" over people, which causes an unpleasant sensation often causing them to confess.

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