Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Crimson Commando

The Red Guy of Marvel
Frank Bohannon / Crimson Commando was a World War II superhero that worked with Stonewall and Super Sabre. Later on, the tiro mistook the X-Men leader Storm as a criminal and attempted to arrest her. They were defeated by her and Wolverine. This somehow made the tiro confess their viglantism to the authority (which makes no sense since superheroes are clearly legal since no bat an eye at most superheroes). In the 1980s, he joined the government-funded superhero team Freedom Force along with Super Sabre and Stonewall. The group Desert Sword wounded Frank. The government (via Care Labs) turned Frank into a cyborg. They renamed him "Cyborg X" and later "Commando". Due to a glitch that made him unable to disern the present from his memories of the past, Cyborg X went on a rampage until Spider-Man and Ghost Rider stopped him. Spider-Man took him back to Care Labs to be fixed. However, the Lab was attacked by Sinister Six (who was missing a member). However, he was later just fine so we can assume he was repaired off-panel. Commando and his former Freedom Force teammate Avalanche were ordered to attack Empyrean and stop his operations. A rogue government agent told them to kill X-Factor member Polaris. This was never brought up again. Frank lost his powers due to the events of M-Day. Dying without his powers, he kidnapped Hope Summers hoping she could save him with her powers. Instead, Wolverine decapitated him.
Powers and Abilities
Crimison Commando was a mutant. His powers made him the peek of physical pefection, age slower and immune to telepathy. He is trained in hand-to-hand combat.
When he was turned into a cyborg, Frank Bohannon gained new powers. He gained super strength and speed. His body could repair itself to a limited extent. His arms could be transformed into projectile weapons. He has tentacles (that act as more limbs) and rocket boosters in his legs.

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