Sunday, April 6, 2014

Run, Daihatsu Tanto!

Akito proposing the series to Moritaka
I am a fan of the manga series Bakuman. The series is about two teenagers, Akito Takagi and Moritaka Mashiro, trying to get a successful manga published and then have be adapted into an anime. The series features many fictional manga series. Among them is today's subject Run, Daihatsu Tanto!.
The titular Daihatsu Tanto is an elementary school boy. His grandfather, Daihatsu Meijin, is a crazy inventor that creates bizarre machines. Each story revolves around Tanto using one of his grandpa's inventions (usually for some form of mischief). This leads something going bad which, in turn, leads Tanto's teacher (who Meijin has a crush on) taking away the invention. The premise is oddly similar to the popular series Doraemon (which is about an elementary school boy that abuses his robot cat's inventions only for it go badly usually end with him learning a moral in the end).
Context in Bakuman
Run, Daihatsu Tanto! is second series created by the Akito and Mashiro. It was often ranked as number 12th in popularity (although one chapter managed to reach 11th). Because the series was unable to compete with their rival Eiji Nizuma, the duo ended the series much to the chargin of Editor-and-Chief Hisashi Sasaki.

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