Tuesday, April 29, 2014


If you hate them so much, why do dress like them?
What would it be like if Batman and Superman started their own families and had sons? Well, DC Comics decided to answer that with the Super-Sons saga.
Superman and Batman Jr. grew up in the shadow of their namesake. The two fought crime despite lacking the recognition of their fathers. While fighting crime, they went through a journey of self-discovery that led them to become comfortable as the successors to their fathers. They also fought their universe's version of Robin, who wanted to become Batman's successor over Batman Jr. However, the stories never revealed if the duo actually replaced their father. On Earth-One (one of the main realities), a Kryptonian computer accidentally created two copies of the Super-Sons. The copies willingly allowed themselves be destroyed because they "were a threat to the stability of Earth-One" (DC Wiki). It turned out that the "real" Super-Sons were nothing more than simulations created by the actual Superman and Batman to see what their kids would be like.

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