Monday, January 18, 2010


L-Ron has been a "hero", a villain, a fast food restaurant employee and a hero, again. L-Ron was the robotic servant of Manga Khan. But, Manga traded the Justice League him, for a devolved Despero. He became the League's "New York embassy". Thanks to Kilowog, Despero temporarily gained L-Ron's personality. L-Ron left Earth, only to come back to warn Martian Manhunter that the Overlord was coming. After joining the Task Force, Despero's personality slowly took control over L-Ron, but was saved by Supergirl. But, the process caused L-Ron to take over Despero's body. Under unknown circumstances, he got his old body back. L-Ron fell into hard times and started to work at Big Belly Burgers. However, Maxwell Lord rediscovered the robot and had him join the super hero team called "the Super Buddies". Manga Khan tried to reclaim L-Ron, only to have Max and Sue Dibny outsmart him.

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