Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Slower than a speeding bullet, less powerful than a locomotive and unable to leap over buildings in a single bound... it's normalman! The planet Arnold was dying. A junior CPA (referred to as "Joe-L" and "Jerk-L") concluded that the planet would explode in 8 hours! So, he launched his son into space to save him. But as soon as his son is in space, he learns the planet isn't dying. So, his wife literally kills him. 20 years later, the now-grown-up boy land on the planet Levram ("marvel" backwards), where everyone has superpowers- expect him! Having no superhuman abilities, the locals dubbed him "normalman". In this attempts to get off Levram, he makes several allies: Captain Everything (able to negate all laws of psychics and create new superpowers, these abilities are only limited by his lack of intelligence), who gave norm a contacting watch-thingie; Sgt. Fluffy, Agent of S.C.H.M.U.C.K. (which doesn't actually stand for anything); and his later love-life, the beautiful Sophisticated Lady. Ultra Conservative (who sees normalman as a threat to the status quo) tried to kill him. normalman learn in an alternate reality he could escape from Levram via "the magic". Later, Fluffy was shot to death. nomarlman accidentally went back in time and met the time-travelling and mindlessly sexy Countess of Monte Crisco, who sent both of them to the present. The Sophisticated Lady forced normalman to run for president. While being drunk, normalman learned that "the magic" was Sgt. Fluffy's ruby slippers! He got the slippers and went back to Arnold. The Countess used the slippers to make her super powerful and went on a rampage. Captain Everything and the Sophisticated Lady came to his aid. Captain Everything used his powers to stop the Countess, but in the process sent her to Oz, where she became the wicked witch of the east. Meanwhile, a undead Sgt. Fluffy, calling himself the Dark Fluffy (parody of the Dark Phoenix) destroyed Larvem (to protect the rest of the universe). norm married the Sophisticated Lady and Captain Everything became Arnold's first superhero.

The Complete normalman

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