Sunday, January 24, 2010

Who Watches the Watchmen?

For a change of pace, I decided to do an unique entry on Alan Moore's Watchmen series. Despite critic calling the Watchmen "The greatest piece of popular fiction ever produced" (Damon Lindelof) and "peerless" (Rolling Stone), the Watchmen has several errors and mistakes in it.

  • First off in issue II, the Comedian's alter ego as Edward Blake was a secret and Edgar William Jacobi (an old foe of the Comedian) only learned the Comedian's identity, because he saw the Comedian without his mask. But in a flashback in Vietnam, he is seen in his Comedian costume without his mask in public!
  • In issue III, Doctor Manhattan is fooled into thinking he is causing cancer to anybody that is over exposed to him, but Silk Spectre II (who at the time lived with him) didn't seem sick at all, which should have made him realize he's was being tricked.
  • In issue IX, Silk Spectre II claims she thought she was the daughter of her mother's "boyfriend" Hooded Justice, but issue II it claimed Hooded Justice wasn't even interested in her. 
  • Finally in issue XII, Nite-Owl II and the other heroes (expect Rorschach) promised to not tell on Ozymandias, but Rorschach tries to tell everyone about Ozymandias, leading to Doctor Manhattan to kill him, but Nite-Owl forgot that Rorschach mailed his journal to a newspaper, even through he stop his jet-ship to help him do so.
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