Sunday, April 15, 2012

Civil War

Due to all the damage superhero-villain fights cause, Marvel Comic universe US government passed the "Superhuman Registration Act", which would force all super humans to have to register. The act got real support from the public after Nitro killed 600 people with his explosive-based powers due to the New Warriors botching up. This caused a divide between the superhero community: the pro-SRA side led by Iron Man (I have no clue why) and the anti-SRA side led by Captain America.
While the Anti-SRA are arresting actual villains, the pro-SRA arrested anyone unregistered hero or villain alike. The X-Men and the Runaways (some of the few mutants left after M-Day) decided to be neutral, while some villains move to Canada. Captain America and his forces were ambushed by Iron Man's forces. Refusing to talk, Captain America attacked Iron Man leading to a fight. A clone of Thor was sent to capture the anti-SRA heroes, but ended up killing Goliath. While the pro-SRA restrained the clone, the anti-SRA heroes escaped. Iron Man and Mister Fantastic built an prision, Project 42, in the other dimension Negative Zone, to contain the anti-SRA people. Spider Man (originally aiding the pro-SRA side) turned on Iron Man when he discovered that he didn't plan on releasing the caputred oppopents of the SRA. The Punisher stole plans for Project 42.
The anti-SRA heroes reached the prision only to met by the pro-SRA heroes (including Iron Man) and nanites-controlled villains. Hulkling freed all the captives leading to a full-on pro-SRA side versus anti-SRA side fight. The "fixed" Thor clone and Captain Marvel join the pro-SRA side in the battle only for Namor and Atlanteans to join the anti-SRA side. Seeing the destruction caused by the fight, Captain America surrended. Two weeks laters, the Fifty State Initiative (a government superhero program) was lauched and the remaining anti-SRA heroes either went to Canada or became "underground" heroes. Captain America was sent to trial...only to be shot by Crossbones.
My source was the Wikipedia page "Civil War (comics)".

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