Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dynamo 5

The Dynamo 5 was based on the concept of "a team that was a biological family but did not act like it".
Captain Dynamo is the protector of Tower City and husband of Maddie Warner. Maddie found him dead via poisoning by the Windowmaker. She also discovered that the Captain was cheating on him. Despite being naturally upset, she realized the city's villains would try to take advantage of his death so she decide to round up five of his illegitimate children. She exposes them to the radiation that gave the Captain his power thus unlocking their latent super powers (they each inherited one of his powers). These people include the geek Hector Chang (got super vision abilities), respectable activist Olivia Lewis (flight), cynical womanizer Spencer Bridges (shape shifting), a film school graduate Bridget Flynn (super strength) and "arrogant jock" Gage Reinhart (telepathy). Maddie acted as their mentor and tried to mold them into a family despite having almost nothing in common. They used the Captain's former base. A year later, after Hector's parents are nearly killed, all the member (save Olivia) gave up being superheroes. Olivia formed her own team, which the former members ended up having to save. They decided to reform the team. The team fought the villain Synergy (another illegitimate child of Captain Dynamo), which causes them to have their powers messed up and manifested new ones. In Dynamo 5: Sins of the Father, the three sons of Dominex, a villain that got beat up by Captain Dynamo, Omni-Man and Supreme, came to Earth to regain their family honor by beating up Earth heroes. Despite the aid of other superhero teams, the D5 failed to stop them. When the sons killed his girlfriend, Hector (now having super strenght) stole the Strong-Suit (which amplify one's strength) and killed them (even when one surrender much to everyone's horror).

My source was the Wikipedia page "Dynamo 5".

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