Monday, April 2, 2012

Superman Meets the Quik Bunny

I said "Archie Meet the Punisher" was the dumbest crossover ever. I forget about this one.
The comic starts with Superman finding a flood coming out of nowhere. Meanwhile, the Quik Bunny and the Quik Qlub (kids obsessed with a single drink object) building a multi-story tree house, which the inside of which is metal. They turn a television and see what Superman is doing. The Quik Bunny convinces the Quik Qlub to aid Superman. The Quik Qlub turns into a rocket-helicopter hybrid and flies off to Superman (I'm not joking). It turns the flood was caused the villain, weather-controlling Weather Wizard. The Quik Qlub put info into computers and figure out the Weather Wizard was behind the flood. They use a microphone to tell this to Superman. Weather Wizard froze ice around Superman and ran away. The QQ use a mechanical hand in their club to grab the ice cube letting Superman unfreeze himself (despite the fact the impact would have little effect on the invulnerable superhero). The Quik Qlub figure out Weather Wizard went to Washington DC. Despite Superman telling them not to, the Quik Qlub follow him to DC and turn the club house into a hot air balloon. The Weather Wizard unleashed a tornado to cause chaos, which according to Superman will make him president. The Quik Qlub go into the the tornado's eye. The Quik Bunny distract the Weather Wizard thus ending the tornado. Weather Wizard (who says he'll go there), Superman and the Quik Qlub (now the tree house is a jet) go to Egypt. WW caused a snow storm near a pyramid. Superman is being vexed by a mummy, which the Quik Bunny easily defeat. The Superman rip the pyramid apart and find WW. The kids accidentally distract Superman thus allowing Weather Wizard to go to China and loudly saying so. Superman and Quik Qlub fly to China only to be attacked a hail storm. The club house turn into a boat and land in a river. Via a radio, the Quik Qlub discover Superman and WW is at the Great Wall. The Quik Bunny (via drinking Quik chocolate milk) gets an idea. The Weather Wizard attacks via lightning what he thought was the Quick Bunny, but it was a metal statue the deflect the bolt and knocked out the WW. Randomly inserted throughout the book are pointless and easy puzzles.
My main source was the Atop the Fourth Wall episode about the comic.

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