Friday, April 13, 2012

First American

First American is a parody superhero that appears in the America's Best Comic series Tomorrow Stories.
The First American is middle-age man that is slightly overweight. Despite his claims, he has no powers and likely has below average human physical and mental abilities. He has incompetence that borders on mental illness. As such, his origin and back story is muddled. He claims to be "genetically engineered today for our nation's tomorrow"; not the First American, but Christopher's descendant.  He is supposedly a man born in the Great Depression and that got his powers from a convoluted series of events parodying the origins of Daredevil, the Hulks. Batman, Superman, Fantastic Four. Spider-Man and etc. He has an ex-stripper U.S. Angel who hates him and wants to be "The Next American".
My source was the Wikipedia page "First American (comics)" and the image was from Comicvine.

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