Friday, March 1, 2013

Dropping the Continuity Bomb

I coined a phrase to describe the annoying tendency of comic companies of erasing their continuity: Dropping the Continuity Bomb. Basically what happens is all past continuity of a fictional universe will become null and void. Usually, this done so all the stories and events can start in modern time.
DC Comics did this with the iconic Crisis on Infinite Earths. Then, they did with Zero Hour: Crisis in Time, then Infinite Crisis and then Flashpoint.
In Alan Moore's Supreme, this happens whenever the current version of Supreme finish their story. Then, that version of Supreme is sent to the alternate dimension Supremacy. After that happens, a new Supreme appears.
Marvel Comics did this to the Avengers, Doctor Doom and Fantastic Four in Heroes Reborn. However, the old continuity was restored. Ultimatum was going to be this, but this plan was abandoned at last minute.
WildStorm Productions rebooted their universe in their WorldStorm event.

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