Sunday, March 31, 2013


Vanguard is an alien superhero from Megaton. Vanguard is an alien that has to guard the Earth. However, this is viewed as a boring job with little chance of anything will happen. His sidekick is the hovering one-eyed, sarastic robot Wally and several shapeshifting andriods.
In Megaton, Vanguard has started watching Earth prior to the series. He has a relationship with  Roxanne Wells. Cosmo VII (a robot made in the USSR) attacked Vanguard causing him to go Earth and eventually led to him being confronted by the Special Operations Strikeforce and Mighty Man.
Vanguard got a self-titled miniseries. This takes place in the past. Vanguard fought Supreme and was arrested. He was freed by Wally and a shape shifting robot Lurch. Lurch, due to a glitch, became rebellious and attacked Savage Dragon. Vanguard was teleported to his space station. However, it turn an overweight sciencist into a villain called Modem that can control electronics and robots. Vanguard stopped Lurch and meet Roxanne Wells for the first time. Later, he teleported Modem's molecules across space. Vanguard defeated the time traveller Berseker.
Later after the series, Vanguard helped Savage Dragon and the Freak Force time from time.
Vanguard had got another series Vanguard: Strange Visitors. Vanguard battles Amok, a giant alien. Amok was slave on Vanguard's homeworld. Amok went on a rampage until one Vanguard's robot lobotomized him.
Vanguard has super strength.  However, he has technology that gives him more powers. His boots allow him to fly. His helmet allows him to understand and speak any language.

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