Sunday, March 17, 2013


Mano was a mutant from the planet Angtu in the 30th century. He had an "anti-matter touch", which allowed him to disintegrate substances with his right hand. He was prejudiced against and ultimately blew up his own planet. Due to the fact he cannot breathe in most atmospheres, he got an environment suit (which conveniently obscures his face). Along with four of the universe's worst criminals, he was recruited by the Legion of Super-Heroes to stop the Sun-Eater. He and the other four became the super villain group Fatal Five.
In the Zero Hour reboot, everyone on Angtu (save for Mano) was killed chemical warfare prior to Mano's destroying the planet. He became obsessed with killing Leland McCauley (who provided the chemical weapons). Even after he joined the Fatal Five, he disapproved killing innocent people. He was later seen in prison. Legion was rebooted again thanks to Final Crisis. He was seen as a member of Superboy-Prime's Legion of Super Villains.

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