Sunday, March 10, 2013

Magnus, Robot Fighter

Basic Premise
The series take place around the year 4000. Humanity has become dependent on robots. Robot police chief H8 (due to being damaged by radiation) wants to become the totalitarian leader of North Am, a continent-sized mega-city that H8 works at.
1A, a robot that has emotions, decided human dependency on robots and H8's plans were a bad idea. As such, he had his human step-son, the titular Magnus, battle rogue robots and humans using robots for evil purposes. 1A raised Magnus in a undersea dome house, where he taught Magnus martial arts. As such, Magnus can break steel via his bare hands. He has a girlfriend named Leeja and a device that allows him robot radio communications.
Most of Magnus, Robot Fighter takes place in the mega-city North Am, which stretches across all of North America. The city has "levels" with the lower levels being for poorer and dumber people (nicknamed "gophs") and the higher ones for richer people and the elite.
Police robots, nicknamed "Pol-Robs", are painted black and white. All robots have a identification numbers painted on them. Most robots are flying torsos with a head and arms.
Japan has 50 billion people. Antarcto is a city in Antarctica. Himalhina is a city in Asia that contains all of China and India.
Gold Key created the series. This series also had non-robot villains such as space pirates and aliens. Leeja Clane was introduced as Magnus' romantic interest and gained limit telepathic powers. This run was influenced by Isaac Asimov (epically the Three Laws of Robotics) and Tarzan (with 1A being a stand-in for the apes).
Valiant Comics took over the series. They tried to remain true to the original series. This series introduced the concept of "Freewills", robots with free will (the previous evil robots were malfunctioning). Despite a lot of freewills being evil, some, such as 1A, weren't. Magnus helped found "Steel Nation", a colony of good freewills, and became disgusted by the elite of North Am. As such, he befriend members of the lower levels. Various heroes from the Valiant universe cameoed time from time. It was revealed Magnus was born in the present, but was sent to the future by Geomancer Geoff McHenry and Solar (another Valiant superhero) gave him to 1A. It is also revealed Magnus has super strength (hence why he can break steel barehanded), which he inherited from his genetic father. He ended up becoming leader of North Am and marrying Leeja. An alternate version of Magnus appears in Deathmate.
Acclaim Comics made a self-parodying and comedic reboot of the series. Magnus became an "insane robot fighter". In addition to his previous powers, he now had the ability to heal himself via his "metallic blood".
Dark Horse announced a new Magnus, Robot Figther Series series.

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