Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dirk Anger

Dirk Anger is one of the main villains of the award-winning comedy comic Nextwave.
Publication History
Originally, Nick Fury was going to be used. However, the creators discovered they couldn't use the character. So, they created Dirk Anger as an over-the-top and thinly veiled parody of him.
He may or may not be the son of radical feminist Andrea Dworkin. At one point, Dirk Anger had a wife. However, she got mad at him and left him and took everything (including his house and money). He became the director of the Highest Anti Terrorist Effort (H.A.T.E.), which was funded by the terrorist cell S.I.L.E.N.T. renamed "the Beyond Corporation©" (the copyright sign is part of the name). H.A.T.E. gave Dirk age-slowing drugs and control of H.A.T.E.'s base the Aeromarine (several submarines combined together, which have rocket engines). As such, he was assigned to kill the rogue heroes in the Nextwave team. After years of failed suicide, he managed to hang himself, but a "Zombie Switch", that was installed in his brain by the Beyond Corporation©, helped him survive and give him a hunger for humans brains. He finally manages to kill himself by ramming his ship into the Nextwave's ship, which was rammed into the Beyond Corporation©'s flying city. His last words being "My Name's Dirk Anger and I say ☠☠☠☠ all of you."
Dirk Anger suffers from a number of mental problems including sadism, depression, addiction, misogyny and an obsession with a flowery dress to name a few. As such, he is sadistic and cruel to the point of not caring his employers are murderous terrorists. He constantly tries to kill himself usually by playing Russian Roulette with a gun bigger than a semi-truck. However at least once, he decided abandon his suicide attempt in order to watch the Nextwave members die when they were in situations of certain doom.

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