Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Iron Man 2020

In the future, Arno Stark is son of Morgan Stark and cousin once removed of Iron Man. Arno inherited Stark Industries from Iron Man. However, he decided to use the Iron Man armor to do corporate espionage and mercenary work. Iron Man 2020, in first appearance, tried (and failed) to destroy Machine Man. He went back in time to the retinal pattern of a younger version of a man that planted a bomb to kill Arno's family and needed the patterns to defuse the bomb. However, he failed and his family, factory and hometown was destroyed. Later, he battled Death's Head, a time-travelling cyborg. He later in appeared in an one-shot, where he destroyed his competitors, (in the process) killed his daughter and met Melodi (who wants him to be more heroic). There is a background character named Howard, who may or may not be an older Tony Stark. A version of Iron Man 2020 was captured by the Time Variance Authority for unknown reasons.
In 2023, Arno Stark gave S.H.I.E.L.D. a new helicruiser and made a less advance version of the technology available to the public. When he launched a air-cruise ship, he angered Commodore Q, an old sky-pirate. Arno had also married Melodi and got a squad of armored combatants under his command.
Powers and Abilities
Arno Stark wears a suit of Iron Man-like armor with shoulders pads and a chest plate. The gauntlets and chest plate have beam weapons. The helmet has cloaking technology that can hide it. The repulsors always fire at maximum power, which kills people. He has rollerskates built in.

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