Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mystery Incorporated

They have no talking dog.
I did a post on the Silver Age homage 1963. So, I decided to talk about the Fantastic Four homage, Mystery Incorporated, from that comic.
Our future-heroes were four astronauts that landed on an asteroid. When they stepped on colored tiles under several alien statues, they gained super powers. When they returned to Earth, they became superheroes and somehow gained a Baxter Building-like base called the Mystery Mile. They have encounter alternate reality versions of themselves. Their enemies include an unnamed villain from another timeline and alternate reality Russians that had the powers of the Mystery Inc. members.
  • Biff Baker / Planet- He has the ability to transform into a being with a green, planet-like head. In this form, he has super strength, invulnerability and three fingers. He is Tommy's older brother. He is based on the Thing.  
  • Jeannie Morrow / Neon Queen- She has the ability to turn herself into a gaseous form. She is based on the Invisible Woman. 
  • Tommy Baker / Kid Dynamo- He has the ability to generate energy and transform into a form of pure energy. He was a weakness to water in said form. He is Biff's younger brother. He is based on the Human Torch.
  • Craig Crandall / Crystal Man- He is a scientist. He has the ability to generate crystal and reshape the crystals he creates. He is based on Mr. Fantastic.  
1963 issue 1

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