Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Red Mask

The Red Mask has only appeared in one comic: Animal Man issue 7.
In 1945, he (we are never given his real name) gained his superpower from touching a meteorite. He discovered his powers when he accidentally killed his dog, Roy. His wife left him because of his power. Because superheroes don't tend to kill people (this was before the Dark Age), he became a super villain and took inspiration from "The Masquerade of the Red Death" for his name. He teamed with the villain Veil, who could phase through matter via entering an alternate dimension, and battled Captain Triumph. RD won several red robots from Doctor Fang (a minor Batman villain) in a poker game. Due to a side-effect of his powers, the Veil became hopelessly insane and was locked up in the basement of the Arkham Asylum. The Red Mask retired. In the 1989, the Red Mask discovered he was dying from an illness affecting his lungs. As such, he decided to get out his costume and have his robots attack Miami. However, his robots were easily defeated by Animal Man and the local police. After telling Animal Man his life story, the Red Mask tried to fulfill his life dream of flying and fell to his death.
Powers and Abilities
The Red Mask had the ability to kill anyone he touched. He claimed clothes don't protect people from his power. However since everything prior to 1989 is told in flashback, we only see him use his power once. Because of the latter, we don't know the limits of his powers.
He also has an army of red-colored robots. There are two types of these robots: the normal ones and the flying ones that explode. However since a simple hand gun is enough to damage them, the robots pose very little of a threat.
Vertigo Animal Man tradepaperback Volume 1

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