Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dirk Drain-Head

Truly the most noble of heroes
Dirk Drain-Head was a fictional superhero comic that appeared in Valiant Comics' Super Mario Bros comic (as part of their Nintendo Comics System).
The series focuses on the titular hero Dirk Drain-Head. He uses an array of plumber-related weapons. He has stereotypical superhero traits like being virtuous, having a sidekick and so on. Dirk resembles Luigi (which was probably intentional). He has a sidekick named "Snakey". His villains include Dark Dirk (Dirk's evil twin), Muck and Pipe Ooze. Oddly, the comic is said to released quarterly yet it has 658 issues. Assuming that were no publication delays or schedule changes and Super Mario Bros. takes place in 1990 (when the comic was made), this would mean Dirk Drain-Head would have been published since 1825.
Dirk was originally mentioned in "A Mouser in the Houser". However, he didn't have a prominent role until "The Adventures of Dirk Drain-Head". Here, Mario tells Luigi about how much he loves Dirk and later attempts to find a place to read the comic. Luigi claims he and several other characters hate Dirk. During a fight with a Birdo, Mario loses an issue of the comic, which some enemies (who also fans of series) find and read. In "Bedtime for Drain-Head", Mario's obsessive reading of the comic causes him to sleepwalk (during which, he thinks he is Dirk) and tries to find "Snakey". Oddly, Mario is shown to be more competent in this state since he managed to subdue Bowser without help. The story "The Revenge of Pipe Ooze!" shows there is an annual Dirk Drain-Head fan convention and role playing game.

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