Monday, February 17, 2014

Element 152

The scene in question
In Adventure Comics issue 305, Marvel Lad (actually Mon-El in disguise) creates Element 152 by vibrating iron, gold and silver at superhuman speed so to make them into a new element. There are several things wrong with this. First off, vibrating a substance cannot alter the molecular structure of an object. Mon-El probably should have just shattered the brick or heated it up. Second, "Element 152" seems to be an iron-gold-silver alloy as oppose to an element (which has to be pure) since he is combining them. Lastly, Mon-El explains the name saying that "152" refers to the atomic weight. This would seem to imply it is an isotope of either Hafnium (which has atomic weight of 178.49) or Tantalum (189.94788).
The above image is a cropped version of this image. My source of this issue was Showcase Presents Legion of Superheroes volume 1.

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