Sunday, February 2, 2014

Printout Man

Icemaster is not the only Hostess ad villain to return after their Hostess ad. Printout Man is also example.
His original appearance
Printout Man originally appeared in the Hostess ad "Break the Break", which was featured in multiple comics. Printout Man used a "Mad Computer" to jam a bank's computer and take over the accounts of the costumers. Peter Parker realized something and investigated as Spider-Man. The Printout Man tried to steal from the bank's vault when everyone has distracted. Spider-Man discovered Printout Man was actually stealing Hostess cup cakes as oppose to the blocks of money. The police managed to capture him.
As he appeared later on
In New Avengers Most Wanted Files, it was mentioned Printout Man was still in prison. He later appeared in Fin Fang Four Return issue 1/5. The robot Elektro was mistaken for the villain of the same name. He was sent to the "S-Wing" of a prison full of Spider-Man foes, who Printout Man was among. Printout Man and the other villains attempted to escape, but were hit by "sedation foam" that subdued them.
Powers and Abilities
Printout Man has no powers. However, he is skilled at banking, math and computers. He managed to use his "Mad Computers" (the origin which is never revealed) to break into a bank's computer system.

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