Friday, February 14, 2014

White Rabbit

From Marvel Team-Up issue 131
Charles Dodgson (probably best known by his pseudonym "Lewis Carroll") created the timeless classic Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. His works influenced numerous works ranging from entire stories to individual characters. White Rabbit is an example of the latter.
Lorina Dodson was the trophy wife to an elderly man, Lewis Dodgson. Bored, she killed him and used his money to funded a life of crime. She took the alias "White Rabbit". She started robbing fast-food restaurants. However, Frog-Man and Spider-Man stopped her and her minions. Frog-Man stopped her when she tried to rob a book fair. White Rabbit attempted to get other villains to help her, but only Walrus agreed. The duo were defeated by Spider-Man, Frog-Man and Leapfrog (Frog-Man's father). White Rabbit reappeared with two "minions" (actually actors since no real criminal would work for her) Dormouse and Mad Hatter. She captured Grizzly and Gibbon then demanded a ransom (which she increased when the mayor rejected her original offer). Bag-Man (Spider-Man) defeated White Rabbit allowing Grizzly and Gibbon to escape. White Rabbit started to date the X-Men villain Arcade. After a failed attempt to kill Wolverine and Black Cat, the Arcade and White Rabbit on the Savage Island with a goat by their would-be victims. Arcade abandoned her. A group of cannibals worshiped the goat and made White Rabbit their queen. Upon finding Arcade, White Rabbit refused to save him from the cannibals. Later, White Rabbit was a member of Hood's Gang. She was sent to prison after failing to kill Bobby Carr.
Since Lorina has no powers, she uses an array of equipment and weapons. These include killer bunnies, explosive-firing umbrella, rocket boots and razor-tipped carrots. She travels via "the Flying Hare".

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