Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Last Generation

I mentioned Jack Chick, the writer of the Chick Tract, which are insane comics preaching his evangelical fundamentalism. However, I felt like I needed to elaborate. So, I decided to so something unusual. I will do a text recap / commentary in the style of the early Atop of the Fourth Wall posts (before it was turned into a video show). Although I originally was going to the role playing-themed Dark Dungeon tract, I decided to his dystopia comic The Last Generation. I will be talking about the newest version (since the original version isn't on his website). Click here to see the entire story for yourself.
In the not-too-distant future, Next Sunday, A.D.
The comic takes place in the "near future". The world is controlled by Rome. Keep in mind in the Jack Chick universe, the Roman Catholic Church is an evil Babylonian religion ran by the Devil. No seriously. The comic starts with a news report that states it has been declared illegal to believing Jesus Christ is the only way into Heaven and punishable by being sent to a "mental camp" or execution. The nameless dad of a Christian family claims this will be the last generation and the Bible says they still have hope. 
Bobby in action
The dad-guy's grandson, Bobby, comes back from school. Bobby, who for some reason dresses like a Hitler Youth member, talks about how the school taught him about sacrificing animals (the justification being that animals are reincarnations of people that were jerks in their previous life). When the dad tells Bobby go to bed, Bobby says "Larry's mom said that to him now she's in a concentration camp for... CHILD ABUSE!". Why in the heck would telling someone to go to bed be abuse? I know this is a dystopia, but there has to be some logic behind it.
So, New Age Healers are rejected Venture Bros. villains?
Later, Dad-Guy talks about the Christians will be saved by the Rapture. Bobby the Brat overhears this. At school the next day, the teacher introduces the class to a "New Age Healer", who looks like a mix of a superhero and the Grinch. The Healer says the government is looking for "sickos... who hate [the] blessed Mother Goddess". After returning home, Bobby leaves and turns in his family to the Healer. Charles, Paul (Dad-Guy's son) and Charles (their other Christian friend) flee. 
The torturer on the left looks like a mustache-less Doctor Zin
The dad is captured and is tortured a la Nineteen Eighty Four in what I assume is the before-mentioned "mental camp". Why does the "mental camp" look like a museum? The two torturers use a vaguely electric chair-like machine to torture dad-guy and enhance the pain with microchips (even though that is not how microchips work). However when they discover they can't get him to crack, one of them orders dad guy (who they call "it") to be taken away and "dispose of it, or use it for food." Wait, "use it for food"? Soylent Green is people!
Jesus has good timing.
Paul, Charles and Connie reach a log cabin, where they plan to hide. Paul, fearing the consequences of his actions,  leaves and tell one of the torturers where to find Charles and Connie. Oddly, the desk the torturer is at says "Free Drugs". So, do government agents give out crack like banks do lollipops? The police (one of whom seems to be the Grinch Healer from before) attacks the cabin only to find Connie and Charles have been raptured. How convenient. 

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