Monday, September 21, 2009

Adult Legion of Super-Villains

The Legion of Super Villains are the villainous counterparts to the Legion of Superheroes (a team of heroes in the 30th / 31st century). The "adult" LSV was the first incarnation of this team.
These most of villains are base off of Legion of Super-Heroes members. It is unknown if they have any connection to Tarik the Mute (who formed our timeline's LSV). They basically try to destroy Superman and the LSH. Members are:
  • Saturn Queen- She is a telepathic woman from Saturn that was bored with the crime-free Saturn. So she left and joined the LSV. It's revealed there's a younger verison of her in the "real" LSV's timeline. She is based off of Saturn Girl.
  • Cosmic King- Laevar Bolto built a machine that can change the psychical properties of any object. He gain this power, when he accidentally walk through a beam, the machine was firing. The government of Venus exiled him. He didn't take that well. So he join the LSV. He based off of Cosmic Boy.
  • Lightning Lord- Mekt Ranzz was with brother and sister on a space ship that ran out of fuel. So he try to get a "lightning beast" to fuel it. But the beast tried to kill him. However, he, his brother and sister gained the power to create and control lighting, because of the beast. Mekt became a super villain called Lighting Lord, while his brother and sister became the super-heroes Lighting Lad and Lighting Lass. He later decided to join the LSV.
  • Chameleon Chief- Almost nothing about his past is known. While he looks like a Durlan, he claims he's not from Durla. But he might be telling the truth, because as he can shapeshift (like Durlans), he also can change the shape of anything, he touches (which "normal" Durlans can't do). He is based off of Chameleon Boy.
  • Sun Emperor- Somehow Nigel Douglous gained Sun Boy's (who he is based off of) power to emit and control heat and light.
  • Lex Luthor- Thanks to a lab accident involving Superboy, Lex lost his hair. He became mad at him and has become the boy of steel's arch-enemy. He kinda like a mad scientist. He is one of the few members that is not based off of a LSH member.
  • Echo- He is a mysterious man with sonic and sound-based powers. He is one of the few members that is not based off of a LSH member.
  • Beauty Blaze- She is another Sun Boy "copycat". She has his powers. She is probably based off of Sun Boy.
Later the adult Legion of Super-Villains' timeline was destroyed.
Showcase Present the Legion of Super-Heroes

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