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Martian Manhunter

Early Years
J' onn J' onzz was a "normal" green martian, martian manhunter (police officer), until the mad Ma' alefa' ak (a green martian) spread a disease spread by telepathy that caused the green martain to burst into fire (their one weakness). Ma' alefa' ak was immune, because he has no telepathy and had immunity to fire. This plague kill everyone, expect him and J' onn (including J' onn's wife and daughter). J' onnn trapped Ma' alefa' ak under Mount Mons (Mars' biggest mountain).

Welcome to Earth!
He spent countless years until Dr. Saul Erdel built a machine to try to talk to martians. Image his surprise when it teleported him one! Dr. Saul Erdel helped nurse the distraught alien, before dying from a heart attack. Now stuck with no way home, J' onn became a superhero with the alter ego of John Jones (a detective that in reality was dead). He later became a founding member of the Justice league along with Flash (Barry Allen), Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordon), Superman, Aguaman and Batman.

Justice League International
While severing in the JLI, J' onn become the straight man for the team's comical situations and also obsessed with oreos cookies (partly due to Captain Marvel's influence). J' onn reveal his "real form" is really a mix of his human and martian forms.

When Checkmate tried to imprison the world's criminals on another planet, J' onn saved them.

Blackest Nigth
Having died a short time ago, J' onn joined the Black Lanterns. He confronts Barry Allen and Hal Jordon and says they should be dead before figthing them.

Powers and Abilites
Martian Manhunter has alot of powers making him "the Swiss Army Knife of superheroes". These are most from his telekinesis, genetic tampering and molecule control over his body. His amazing powers include:

  • Shape-Shifting- J' onn has the to seemly limitless mental control over his shape and color.

  • Invisibility- J' onn can stop light from bouncing off of him, making him unable to be seen.

  • Phasing- Somehow he is able to become intangible like Phantom Girl.

  • Superhuman Durability- He can absorb almost any kinetic energy and harden his body so much it rivals Superman!

  • Superhuman Strength- He is one of the strongest being on Earth. With 100 + class strength, he can lift oil tankers!

  • Regeneration- J' onn can grow back lost limbs and body parts.

  • Flight- Manhunter has been seen flying at speed of Mach 10 (7690 MPH for you not-brainiacs) and 7 miles per second.

  • Superhuman Endurance- J' onn can work under extreme conditions and endure more then "normal" humans.

  • Extrasensory senses- Manhunter has nine senses!

  • Telepathy- He is one of the Earth's strongest telepathes. He has the following powers via telepathy: illusion casting; sleep inducing; mind scanning; creating metal sheilds (stopping him from being affected by telepathy); downloading information from people's brains; limited mind control; thought sensing; can create telepathic links; attack people mentally.

However these power have one weakness: fire. He is scared of fire (it unknown if this a cultural or personal fear). Exposure to fire will cause to lose his powers and become vulnerable.

DC Comic Encyclopedia

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  1. Don't forget, in a few incarnations of the Legion of Super Heroes, the Martian Manhunter is shown to have survived into the 30th century. And in one version, he may be masquerading as R. J. Brande, rich guy and Legion benefactor.