Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bizarro Legion of Superheroes

What is worse than a mindless and idiotic clone of a hero? Nine of them. That rigth: nine! When Bizarro Superboy (young Bizarro) was rejected from the Legion of Superheroes, he made his own legion, that he felt would fill the void in his life Legion membership would have filled. This Legion had Bizarro-versions of Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, Chameleon Boy, Invisible Kid, Ultra-Boy, Mon-El and Brainiac 5 (all of them have the same name of their counter parts just with the word "Bizarro" in front of it). They acted the opposite of their counterparts like Bizarro. But they had the same powers (unlike Bizarro), but with some imperfection. For example, Bizarro Invisible Kid could turn his body invisible, but not his clothes and Bizzaro Brainiac 5's inventions never worked out and thinking hurt his head. Under the command of Bizarro, the live by the Bizarro code (being the opposite of their counterparts) and did deeds they thought were good, but due to their logic cause grief for everyone they met. Their base was a beat-up club-house on Htrae and it had space-ship. They agreed to disband and stay in Htrae, if the Legion crushed their planet's diamonds into coal, which was more valuable (I have no idea how they did that). It's unknown if they survived the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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