Saturday, September 19, 2009

Vision I (Aarkus)

Aarkus was a superhero from the "Smoke-world" that came to Earth during War World II. He was suppose to keep the Cosmic Cube safe, but was distracted by World War 2. He took the name "the Vision" and battled Nazi. But later the Cosmic Cube (corrupted by human fear and despair) transformed him into a super powerful evil demon D' Spayre. But Doctor Strange and Echo used the Cosmic Cube to turn Aarkus good again and banish (the now-separate-entity) D' Spayre. Now as Aarkus, he join the Invaders
Vision has flight, ice manipulation, illusion casting, immortality, telepathy, superhuman endurance, teleportion (limited to wherever there's smoke) and wind burst generation.

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