Thursday, September 17, 2009

Red Tornado (Golden Age)

This hero is one of first super hero parodies and female comic heroes (and possibly the first). Abigial Mathilda "Ma" Hunkel was a working mother, whose whole neighborhood was threaten by a gang's protection racket. She was inspire for heroism by her son's admiration for Alan Scott (the Green Lantern) to become a crime-figther! She donned boxers, red long johns, a cooking pot (she put two holes in), a cape and T-shirt and became the Red Tornado! She was very good at figthing New York's (where she lives) crime, because of her uncanny figthing skills. She toke out the entire gang single-handily. She spends her early adventures parodying the superhero gene. She was often mistaken for a male. She tryed to join the Justice Society of America (the "Justice League" of the Golden Age), but her long johns tore, so she had to leave before trying out, but later became a honorary member. Later, her granddaughter joined the Justice Society.

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