Saturday, September 5, 2009

Solomon Grundy

Cyrus Gold had a normal life and a not-so normal after-life. In the late 19Th century, he was murdered and dumped in the Gotham Swamp. 50 years later, Cyrus comes back to life as a dim-witted zombie with almost no memory of his life. He also spend those 50 years decaying (hence his appearance). He had also somehow gained superhuman endurance, strength, healing and the power to return form the dead. He met a hobo that asked him his name. He couldn't remember it, but he did remember he was "born on Monday". So the hobo tells him about the nursery rhyme character Solomon Grundy (who was also "born on Monday"). So Gold took up this name. Due to being nearly mindless and vicious, he turned to crime. He become the enemy of Alan Scott. Because plants are growing in Grundy's body, Alan's werid Lantern ring couldn't affect him. Solomon has been an enemy to almost all the Green Lanterns.

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