Friday, February 15, 2013

Ambush Bug

Ambush Bug is one of my favorite superhero parodies.
When Ambush first appeared, he was a fairly competent villain (with some comedic overtones) for the Doom Patrol and Superman. In his next appearance, Ambush Bug shifted to being complete comedic. Ambush Bug later became a hero claiming he could the same things was doing before except it was legal now. He made several appearances short thereafter. In this time, he reveal his origin: Brum-El (thinking his home, planet Schwab, was going to be destroyed due to him breaking a chain letter) launched his wardrobe into space. However, after it was attacked by radioactive spider, only the Ambush Bug suit and a sock survived. They crashed on Earth and Irwin Schwab took the suit and became Ambush Bug. We also discover that Ambush Bug's mental illness causes him to misinterprets what is going around him and he knows he is in a comic.
Ambush Bug got his own miniseries. Ambush Bug found a doll "Cheeks" and thinks it is alive. Cheeks "dies" due to being unable to defuse a bomb. Ambush Bug fought a giant koala bear, a villain that is suppose to be Thiller, a fake Darkseid and Argh!Yle! The series introduced Ambush Bug's archenemy Argh!Yle!, the before mentioned sock turned evil genius, with a metal mask and an army of socks, that wants revenge on Ambush Bug for abandoning him.
In the Ambush Bug: Stock Stuffer, Cheeks is restored by the creators of the comic.
Ambush Bug got a new series: Son of Ambush Bug. In this series, the villain is the Interferer. The Interferer is an ex-comic writer that was given godlike powers by "rejectricity" when he yelled "SHAZAM!". The Interferer warped reality and tried to "fix" everything. Ambush Bug (since he knows he is in a comic) was able fight him. Argh!Yle! and his goons tried to kill Ambush Bug with the "Plan of Steel" (which involves with a copy of Superman's boot) and are blown up by DC Comics due to violating copyright. Ambush Bug was kicked out of the DC Universe. The Interferer was killed due to being the Omega Men comic as it was canceled.
Ambush Bug reappears in Secret Origin issue 48 without any explanation. Ambush Bug joined the short-lived Justice League of Anarchy (which also includes the Trickster, 'Mazing Man, Harley Quinn, the Creeper and Plastic Man. In 52, he was part of Firestorm's Justice League. Ambush got another miniseries Ambush Bug: Year None, which spoofed then-current events in comics. Ambush Bug joined the Doom Patrol until their comic was canceled. Ambush appears as a reporter for "Channel 52", a segment that summarizes current events in the DC New 52 universe. 
Ambush Bug's main power is teleportation.  This comes from the suit he wears. Originally, Ambush Bug would create tiny flying robots via his antennae. Then, he could switch places with them. However, after a botched attempt to fix one of these robots, he gained the power to teleport without the robots, which haven't been seen since. Ambush Bug is one of the few characters in the DCU that know he is in a comic.

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