Sunday, February 10, 2013


I'm going to talk about a manga character: Saitama, the main character from One Punch Man. 
Prior to the series, Saitama was an unemployed person that aimlessly searched for jobs. After saving a child from a monster called "Crabrante" and killed the monster by pulling its eyes out  (ouch), Saitama decided to become a superhero. After training to the point of nearly killing himself, he gained "overwhelming power" and  lost his  hair.
When he first see Saitama in the series, he fought the villain Vaccine Man. After listening to Vaccine Man's monologue, Saitama killed Vaccine with one punch. He becomes frustrated with his easy victory. His main conflict during series is that since he is so powerful nothing can actually poses a threat thus his life is boring.
He is laid back. He is bored by his superhero work and doesn't take it seriously since as stated before nothing can hurt him. He constantly trying to find something that could actually hurt him.
He has super strength that is powerful enough to kill monsters with one punch. He is invulnerable enough that no monsters ever hurt him and he never feel pain. He is super fast to the degree that he ran a 1500 metre dash. He also has extreme senses.

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