Thursday, February 14, 2013

'Mazing Man

'Mazing Man (Sigfried Horatio Hunch III) is small man that dresses in a homemade costume and does various helpful deeds around his neighbor. Sigfried became millionaire due to winning a sweepstakes, although he doesn't live a luxurious lifestyle and most of friends have no idea about this. In Ambush Bug: Year None, he nonsensically appears on death row.
He had several supporting characters. Denton Fixx is Hunch's best friend and a writer for the fictional BC Comics. Eddie Valentine is the South Richmond Bank's Assistant Manager. Brenda is Eddie's wife. K.P. Watson is Denton's sister. Guido Garibaldi is a simple-minded jock that works at several shoe stores. Mrs. Costinas is Sigfried's grump landlady. Walter Vanderplatz is Eddie's superior. Sgt. Muldavey is a police officer annoyed by 'Mazing Man.
Zoot Sputnik
Zoot Sputnik is a comic-within-the-comic. It is (supposedly) written by Denton Fixx. This series is a parody of Golden Age comics. The main characters are the fearless Zoot, Zoot's son Winky, a dog named Barker, Judy and Judy's father Doctor Silo K. Zap (a sciencist).The villains are Bart Bartlebee and Big Al. Despite the same characters appearing, the setting radically alters between issues: one time they are in space, but next they are cowboys. Denton tried to add continuity between stories, but the idea was shot down by his editor.

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