Monday, February 18, 2013


"Good at combat. Very bad at feeding himself." - Tvtropes page "Crippling Overspecialization"

Razor-Fist is one of the dumbest villains ever. He has arms instead of blades. So logically, he cannot feed himself, use the restroom or open a door.
William Young
The first Razor-Fist was a bodyguard / assassin / enforcer for Carlton Velcro. He fought Shang-Chi. He was shot to death several guards by mistakes.
Douglas Scott
He was nicknamed Razor-Fist because of his fast punches. He lost one of his hands and had it replaced by  a blade. He was sent to kill Shang-Chi, but was unintentionally killed by Velcro.
William Scott
He is the brother of Douglas. He lost both of his hands and were had blades replace them. He helped Schockwave and Zaran attack the West Coast Avengers, but was defeated by Mockingbird. Working for crime lord Roche, he battled Wolverine and nearly won, but was defeated. When attacking Hawkeye, Mockingbird beat up him. Elektra seemly killed William Scott. He was later seen fighting Spider-Man. After being attacked by Cat, he was sent to prison. In New Avengers,  he was an escaped criminal that was easily defeated. Later, he was hired by the Hood and fought the Enforcers. William helped attack Skrulls. He helped the Hood's gang attack the New Avengers. He was living at Camp: HAMMER, but left to help Norman Orsbon. Captain America and Bucky beat up Will. He was arrested.
Each Razor-Fist have the same abilities of each other. Their bodies are "honed to the peak of human conditioning". William and William had two blades hands, while Doug only had one. They all are trained in hand-to-hand combat.

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