Monday, February 11, 2013


I'm a big fan of Ambush Bug, a parody superhero who is completely insane. I was going to do a post on him, but decided to it on the more obscure (but related) character of Mitsu-Bishi.
Mitsu-Bishi is the Japanese counterpart to Ambush Bug. Despite looking like a chibi version of him, he acts nothing like him. In his first appearance (Son of Ambush Bug # 1), Mitsu-Bishi had gotten the job of "Official Giant Monster Slayer" (thinking giant monsters don't exist). However, a Godzilla-like monster, Gorgon, appeared and swallowed Mitsu-Bishi whole. Despite this, he somehow survived this. When Ambush Bug was sent to Limbo (in the same miniseries), Mitsu-Bishi appeared in several filler strips. In the Ambush Bug: Nothing Special graphical novel, Mitsu-Bishi (acting out of character) attacked a manga artist for making a manga without speed-lines or ninjas (which he claims is an insult to ninjas everywhere including him, his mom, his dad and his dog, Rex).
As mentioned before, Mitsu-Bishi acts nothing like Ambush Bug. Mitsu-Bishi is a coward (often running away from danger) and selfish (he tried to con the Japanese government into paying him for doing a job he thought was a meaningless position where he wouldn't have to do any work). However, in Ambush Bug: Nothing Special, he acted in a hyperactive, crazy and overly-violent fashion.
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