Friday, February 8, 2013


Ross G. Everbest
Inspired by a reverend that healed his paralysis (who Ross killed and preserved his body) and his upset over counterculture movements, Ross donned Zorro-like costume and got a "purification gun" so he could kill "fools" (sinners and criminals), thinking God wanted him do to so. He sent his victims a card that says "Foolkiller / e pluribus unum / You have 24 hours to live. Use them to repent or be forever damned to the pits of hell where goeth all fools. Today is the last day of the rest of your life. Use it wisely or die a fool." 24 hours before killing them. In a battle with Man-Thing, a shard of glass impaled Ross thus killing. Ross sent to Mephisto's Hell.
Gregory P. Salinger
Greg, after hearing about Ross from a Man-Thing supporting character Richard Rory, stole Ross' costume and gun to become a new Foolkiller. He killed  people he saw as" mediocre" and materialist or lacking in "poetic nature". During with Gregory's brawl with Spider-Man, a bum claimed only a fool would fight with Spider-Man. Salinger tried to kill himself after hearing this. He was thrown into an insane asylum.
Kurt Gerhardt
After various tragedies in his life, Kurt was driven to homicidal despair. After hearing Salinger on a talk show, Kurt (talking with Salinger via the Internet) decided to become the new Foolkiller and got Ross' gun. Kurt made a new costume with a leather mask and a new calling card with "Foolkiller / e pluribus unum / Actions have consequences." on it. Kurt killed criminals and negligent, drug-addicted people. He had a relationship with a women named Linda Klein, but ended the relationship. Kurt went even more crazy and became more violent (often traumatizing innocent people and killing celebrities). After the police found out who he was, he had surgery to alter his face and ran away to Arizona. In New Avengers, he was later seen as one of the inmates escaping the Raft prison. Later, he worked for the Hood until we was thrown in the same asylum Salinger was in.

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