Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Teen Girl Squad

Time for Internet Slang 101. Today's lesson is on stylistic suck. Stylistic Suck is when a creator makes his work intentionally bad (usually for comedic effect). The talented Chapman brothers made a good webcomic example: Teen Girl Squad. The comic is (supposedly) made by the popular character Strong Bad (voiced by Matt Chapman), who also narrates the comic while speaking in falsetto.
The series focus on four "teenage girls between the ages of thirteen and nineteen". The main characters are the popular, but rude Cheerleader; the cynical and poor What's Her Face; the common sense-less genius So and So; and the crazy The Ugly One. As you can guess, the characters are parodies of female stereotypes. The girls often die comedic fashions, but come back unharmed like Scratchy from The Simpsons. The comic is intentionally drawn in a crude style.
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