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The Fury is an one-shot character from 1963. He is based on Spider-Man and Daredevil with elements of Captain America.
Richard "Ricky" (no last name given) was the Fireball, the sidekick to the Fightin' Fury (his dad). When the Fightin' Fury was killed by the Squid, Ricky promised to never stop fighting crime. He became the Fury with out his mother's knoweldge while still attending high school. From time to time, he helps Sky Solo (basically a female Nick Fury) and the Law and Security Enforcement Reserve (L.A.S.E.R.).
In the actual comic, the Fury helps L.A.S.E.R. transport Cargo X, but ends up fighting the villain Voidoid. Cargo X's content unfreeze thus freeing Warbeast (see "Enemies"). He goes on a rampage until the Fury uses his shield to hit his legs thus causing him to fall into a nearby bay. This allows L.A.S.E.R. to recapture him.
Richard doesn't seem to have any superpowers. However, he is very agile. He also has two shields on his arms that can be thrown like Captain America's shield.
The Fury has a rogue gallery. Among the villains we see are the Voidoid (a man in a white suit that is intangible to objects he doesn't want to touch him), Warbeast (a blue T-Rex with three eyes, thumbs, human-level intelligence and the ability to fire deadly beams from his third eye) and the Squid (a guy that has a squid mask on his face who killed the Fightin' Fury). Two mentioned but unseen villains are Doc Centipede and the Dune.
1963 issue 2

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